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Donahue tried to embarrass you and I don't blame you for walking off his joke of a show. The audience was all hand picked and it probably wasn't hard to get people who were emotional about the supposed history of the jews in Europe. For me you did very good investigative work and asked pointed questions and your opponents squirmed as they tried to defeat your arguments. There is no way anybody could understand what you have been through because of what you have investigated and shown to the world. I don't think you could let people know exactly what has gone on in your personal life and I appreciate what you have given people with the truths you uncovered. I have to say that I am a little taken aback by what seems like something of a 180 from you now, but again, I haven't walked in your shoes. Your work on the gas chambers is plenty and I am not a person who would ever wish violence on innocent people. Bad things happen in wars, but that doesn't mean that the truth should be hidden. I guess you were kind of a hero in a way because you spoke truth to power and you revealed so many who were complicit in the lies.

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I must admit I was shocked to learn that you had "recanted" your revisionist theories on the actual Jewish plight of WW2. I watched your video years ago. (FYI, the polish camp tour guides were obviously suspicious) So, I've been following along. But I can't quite find the correlation between someone who "officially recanted", and how you respond when questioned. To be frank, you kinda just seem like someone who has been either brainwashed or terrified into changing their mind. Or paid. It doesn't matter, in any case.

You ask this man to provide you proof of 2 million jews relocated east? What about the Havaara agreement with palenstine? The creation of Israel 2.0? No one's denied jews were killed in war, many others too though. War is hell. They deny the 6 million number. That 6 million jews were gassed by evil Germans for no reason other than being poor, innocent people of Jewish faith. And after the war? When German families were kicked off their own farms, and their homes given to jews? Is that not proof of relocation? Over 5 million Germans, who had nothing to do with the war, were forced out of their homes, which were given to jews, and on a death March to soviet Russia. Mostly women and kids. Where are their reparations? Germans who did nothing wrong are still persecuted TODAY. But no one gives a shit about them.

You seem stuck on the matter of how many jews died between 1940-1943. A revisionist looks at the entirety of history, not just a few specific years. Which I'm sure you have done. And you would know about the ethnic cleansing of Germans in the years leading up to WW2. The "Killing field" of German scholars found, etc. I digress. Have you ever considered why no other country would take the jews, when Germany asked? Or why they've got no homeland of their own? Why have they been expelled from every country on the planet at one point?

Here's some history; In 1215 the Roman Catholic Hierarchy held the Fourth Lateran Council. The main topic under consideration was Jewish aggression in all the countries of Europe. They also drew up, and

passed Decrees, designed to put an end to usury and the Jewish practice of using

unethical methods in traffic and trade to obtain unfair advantage over Gentile competitors, and

to curb corrupt and immoral practices. They refused to abide by the decrees. In 1253 they were expelled from France for this reason. In 1275, England passed The Statutes of Jewry. They

cannot be classified as Anti-Semitic because they protected the interests of honest and

law-abiding Jews. But again, the law wasn't followed. So in 1290, they were expelled. In 1306 France again expelled the Jews. In 1348 Saxony followed suit. In 1360 Hungary; in 1370

Belgium; in 1380 Slovakia; in 1420 Austria; in 1444 The Netherlands; in 1492 Spain, in 1495 Lithuania expelled the Jews. In 1498 Portugal; in 1540 Italy; in 1551 Bavaria. What's interesting is 1492 is when America was "discovered". What luck, after they'd been expelled from every country, to find a brand new one! Also interestingly, after these expulsions, Europe exited the dark ages and began the enlightenment period. The Renaissance period only began after Europe had reclaimed control of their economies.

Now, Germany after WW1. The Versailles Treaty, which was signed by Jewish politicians in Germany, kinda fucked the germans over. So, they wanted to regain economic control, which they did for a while, but no country would take them. Wonder why. I'm sure you know all this though. So, when a revisionist, as you called yourself, is only stuck on a number, there's an issue there. Anyone with a brain can see a lie that big. What the issue is, however, the reality of WHY jews were persecuted throughout human history. And this is why. And I say this as someone whom, like you, probably suffers from the same cognitive dissonance of what I'm told, who i am, and truth. I'm half ashkenazi, my grandparents fled Hungary due to Jewish persecution. So it's been fun to be called an anti-semite, or a traitor, when I know I'm not. But, I'd rather stick to the truth than own outright a home in Beverly hills. And I believe in a fair playing field. Not much pride in a win when only one side knows the game plan, is it?

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CONTINUE HERE people (link below), especially in the comments section, the refutation section so to speak. The problem is that Cole's ego is always in the way out here, it is a funny and entertaining thing at times, at another time it sticks in your eyes though (traumatized by idiots?), being in need of attention and providing entertainment it is also most distracting when it comes down to facts and proper research, when we are in the mood for that.


Cole can handle a debate with a person like Beau, it makes him triumph, and it is indeed entertaining.

Consider the subject 'beyond Bestserved Cole'.

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I realise it’s hard to make money from book sales when you’re banned from Amazon, but you and Mark Weber should write a book together, even if it’s just a compendium of what you’ve already written about the topic.

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Hallo David, one further comment on this thread, if I may: I've just finished listening to your fascinating 2016 dialogue with Lana Lokteff of Red Ice (archived on her 3:14 radio website) and it seems to me that in admirably striving to be rigorously objective you left that venerable lady (for all their occasional errors of fact and judgement, the Red Ice duo do seem to be very decent human beings) with the impression that since Auschwitz was not a death camp nor were any of the others. Yes, I know you mentioned Treblinka and Sobibor to her in passing, but your reference was fleeting and vulnerable to ambiguity. My fear is that like so many on what I would consider to be 'my side' of the political argument (i.e., two points to the right of Genghis Khan) Lana then went away thinking the Holocaust itself was a lie.

Where the Jewish people are concerned, I've laboured in vain to convince ethno-nationalists that attacking various Jews for malicious anti-European influence is in reality not just a stinking red herring but also a total waste of time. OK, Soros isn't our biggest buddy ever, but the sad fact is that it's whites who believe in multiculturalism, whites who vote for it, whites who are terrified of the reality of race and its stark implications for national sovereignty.

In this context, we seem to be the first race on the face of the earth who successfully 'saw through' themselves and doubted themselves out of existence! How and why this happened is, of course, the stuff of innumerable essays over the past decade. However, the real issue today surely is: not to keep analysing it but to stop it - since, in their current impotent mood, whites are quite capable, it seems to me, of discussing the moral virtues, pros and cons, etc, of the firing squad they are facing... ('well, looked at in one light, it could fairly be argued that if anyone should be shot it should be me... etc, etc").

Anyway, thanks again for your sober, illuminating and intellectually compelling analysis of the Holocaust. This tragic subject really does seem to be a litmus test of people's sanity, let alone their capacity to reason!

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Man, this turned into the weirdest fucking comment thread on Substack, not to say your page. Why with some people is the Holocaust either a total hoax or it's gotta be 6 million dammit!

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No response(s) from you so far, David. So here are my questions for you:

Rudolf Hoess, the Commandant at Auschwitz, signed an affidavit on May 15, 1946, a month after he testified in Nuremberg, that he was involved in the gassing of over 1 million people at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


Further, in his memoirs, he describes very clearly Crematorium 1 in Auschwitz 1 (i.e. the crematorium in the original main camp, not Bunker 1 or Bunker 2, or Crematoriums II, III, IV, and V which were all used to execute people with Zyklon B over in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Specifically, on pages 146 and 147 of the book Commandant of Auschwitz, he wrote:

"I have a clearer recollection of the gassing of nine hundred Russians which took place shortly afterwords in the old crematorium, since the use of Block 11 for this purpose caused too much trouble. While the transport was detraining, holes were placed in the earth and concrete ceiling of the mortuary. The Russians were ordered to undress in an anteroom; they then quietly entered the mortuary, for they had been told they were to be deloused. The whole transport exactly filled the mortuary to capacity. The doors were then sealed and the gas shaken down through the holes in the roof. I do not know how long the killing took. For a long while a humming sound could be heard. When the powder was thrown in, there were cries of "Gas!", then a great bellowing, and the trapped prisoners hurled themselves against both doors. But the doors held. They were opened several hours later, so that the place might be aired. It was then that I saw, for the first time, gassed bodies in the mass."

How do you think your research adds to those words and writing of Rudolf Hoess, since he was Kommandant of Auschwitz in 1942 and 1943--and in fact returned to lead the massive operation of gassing approximately 400,000 Hungarian Jews from May to August 1944...and you didn't get there until 1992? (And apparently you hadn't even read the book, "Commandant of Auschwitz" before you went there.)

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Hi David,

I want to do questions "off the record," but you didn't send me any email I know about over the weekend.

I think what happened at Auschwitz in WW2 is incredibly important. And what I think happened at Auschwitz-Birkenau from 1942 to January 1945 is hundreds of thousands of people were murdered in gas chambers by Zyklon B.

I'm at a loss about what to do. I think I *owe*--and every single person on the planet *owes*--those hundreds of thousands of people murdered at Auschwitz, at the very least, an acknowledgement that they were murdered.

Any suggestions? Should I just ask my questions to you about Auschwitz here, "on the record"?

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hey dave.

was wondering if you have run across any of the correspondence of those who thought it was a great idea to put people in jail for questioning history?

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Hi David,

I hate to bother you, but I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you "off the record." Would you please contact me at my gmail address, which is my last name then my first name without any periods or spaces or underlines)?

Thank you,

Mark Bahner (Durham, NC)

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Please allow me to indulge...

"1942: Goebbels writes in his diary, “The 60% of non-laboring Polish Jews are being liquidated. It’s being handled by the head of Aktion Reinhard in a manner so ghastly I won’t describe it further. It’s barbaric but justified. Not many Jews will be left.”

I quote:

"March 27, 1942 (pp. 147-148)

Beginning with Lublin, the Jews in the General Government are now being evacuated eastward. The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more definitely. Not much will remain of the Jews. On the whole it can be said that about 60 per cent of them will have to be liquidated whereas only about 40 per cent can be used for forced labor. "



No mention of Aktion Reinhard here, is this the same diary entry, different translation? Goebbels also seems to repeat himself regularly, or the Reinhard mention could be an entry which is left out in my source, the 60 percent number being a coincidence?

All quotes under the header of 'Contemporaneous documentary evidence', and 'Contemporaneous Nazi documents that mainstream historians and revisionists agree are genuine', exact source please, so we can serve you better...

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David - what is your explanation for why Jews and Gentiles never seem to get along? I suppose another way to phrase the question is, what is the source of antisemitism?

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Good facts that you bring up on the Rheinhardt camps which make it very difficult to refute.

Slightly on another track which may be relevant to the numbers. I worked with a polish lady whose father was Jewish. She told how her father, as a Jew, was taken into the Gulag after the 1940m soviet invasion. I dont know how many Jews were taken into the Soviet Union during this period and never got out. A large number of Poles were taken (over a million) into the Gulag. the ones that got out were the ones that were recruited into the western armies after hitler invaded, the rest disappeared.


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Hilarious to read the comments here of all the Jew-haters masquerading as "independent thinkers".

When faced with any kind of evidence, they immediately change to "But the Jews ruled the German economy" "But Stalin killed more" "Germany had to escape the 'banking cartel'" (no such thing you dumb fucks), physically incapable of re-examining their stupid beliefs when faced with clear historical proof.

Why not have some balls and say out loud "I am a loser and my life is in ruins, and instead of taking responsibility for being a loser I'd rather hate people smarter and more hard-working than me". At least then you can be fully honest and not live in a constant state of dissonance.

Also hilarious that the same people that would believe any kind of conspiratorial bullshit coming from ZeroHedge or Unz - as long as it supports their world view, of course - would doubt so many historical documents because "Russians could have fabricated them". The other side of the stupid liberal retort of "Everything I don't like is Russian Propaganda".

Well written but also pointless as some people are too stupid to be convinced and are too emotionally invested in their fantasy world.

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"If you don’t think Treblinka could open-pit burn 700,000 in a year and a half, well...how do you explain India?"

Thanks for sharing your very informative exchange. If I could add my own thoughts and questions on this I would appreciate your patience. I am genuinely puzzled.

I lived in India for three years. I have been to the burning ghat at Varanasi – this is the major one. I've seen other ghats in and around Delhi. My problem with your figure of 700,000 bodies burned in one place in a year and a half is this:

1. It takes a lot of fuel to burn a body, being mostly water. In India wood is used but there are thousands of burning places scattered all over the country. So I'm not sure they would be cutting trees on such an industrial scale as at one place, like Treblinka. My question is, where did they get the fuel? Surely, if wood was used, there would be entire forests, many square miles, erased. Was there any mention of this anywhere?

Another corollary is that in India one body is burned at a time. I think when they cremated the cattle in England a few years ago they would have to space them out because they wouldn’t burn stacked. So, there would be a logistical problem there too when you are dealing with such large numbers.

2. Just burning a few bodies a day at Varanasi creates a noticeable ecological consequence in the surrounding neighborhood. First, the smell. It is very strong. There is also a greasy film on all surfaces within a block or so of the cremation area. Mind you, this is a place where maybe at most a dozen bodies are burned a day. Many other days probably far fewer cremations are performed.

I would think that at a place where 1,200 to 1,300 bodies were burnt per day would leave such overwhelming effects on the local environment that the occupying armies would not only notice but would make a huge thing about it. There would be all kinds of memoirs, journals, articles, photos, etc. I have never heard any mention of these salient effects from such colossal horror. Maybe people just didn’t want to “go there.”

This is not a pleasant topic and I don’t want to cause anguish. But, as I said, having actually been around open air cremation zones in India these two points registered very strongly and have lingered with me.

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